Documentation for Gilect Central

Welcome to the knowledgebase for Gilect Central. Here, you will find detailed documentations for our services. Please note, because we only offer free services, we cannot offer 1 on 1 customer support. If you need 1 on 1 support, we recommend upgrading to premium.


Video Tutorials

We recently launched our video tutorials, where we show step by step guides on how to create your account and make a website.

Creating a Website

If this is your first time setting up hosting and making a website, we recommend reading the below articles in chronological order for step by step instructions on creating a website. These articles explain how to create a Gilect Central account, what you can do with it, how to make a website, and secure the website with an SSL certificate (https).

Getting started

Set up your Gilect Central account and make a hosting service.

Creating your website

Create your website and publish it to the internet for free.

Securing with SSL

Learn how to add "https" to your new website to build trust with your website visitors.

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