Renewing SSL Certificates

SSL expired? Here's how to renew it!

How long do these SSL certificates last?

Gilect’s SSLs last for three months before they expire. You can renew them as many times as you want.

When should I renew my SSL certificate?

It is recommended to renew your certificates a few weeks prior to the expiration date to avoid disruption to your website. You will be emailed when your SSL is about to expire. Please check your spam bin if you do not receive such emails.

How do I renew SSL certificates

Currently, there is no automated way of renewing certificates. It is required that you generate a new certificate and install it.

Copying the CSR code

You can simply copy the CSR code from your previous certificate and use it to generate your old certificate.

Make sure that you include




Generating the new certificate

Please read here for reference on how to generate an SSL certificate

Installing the SSL certificate

Please read here for reference on how to install an SSL certificate.

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