Manage Your Hosting Service

Learn how to manage your hosting service

Before managing your hosting account, you need to make sure that you have one created. To learn how to create one, please check the article listed below.

pageCreate a Hosting Service

About your hosting service

What’s included in a hosting service

When you add a hosting service, a new VistaPanel (abbreviated to CPanel) is created. It is with this CPanel account that you can manage your websites, domains, FTP, databases, etc.

You will also get access to the online file manager, as well as PHPMyAdmin for managing databases.

What are the limits?

Your CPanel account comes with 1 FTP, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, and unlimited addon/sub/alias domains.

Viewing your hosting services.

Viewing the list of your existing services is easy! First, make sure you are on the Gilect Central dashboard ( If you scroll down, you’ll notice the page is divided into two sections: hosting services and SSL certificates. For now, we only want to manage our hosting services, so ignore the SSL certificates.

If this list is empty, this means that you haven't created any hosting services yet. Creating a hosting service is easy, please refer to the article listed below on how to create one.

pageCreate a Hosting Service

Please select which hosting service you want to manage, and press the "Manage" button.

You will be directed to a page that allows you to manage your selected hosting service, it should look something like this:


The page is divided into three sections:

  • Quick actions (on the left)

  • Main information

  • FTP/MySQL/Nameservers Information

  • Connected domains

Quick actions

The "Quick actions" side panel is what allows you to actually manage the service. You could go to the control panel, the file manager, edit the settings, deactivate it, or upgrade it. More information on what these actions do is listed below.

Control Panel

This action allows you to enter the CPanel for your service. The CPanel allows you to edit your website(s), upload files, add an SSL, use the Apps Installer, etc. It is the main interface to manage your website(s).

File manager

The file manager allows you to upload, delete, create, and edit your websites' files and folders. It has a built-in code editor, so you can code your files without having to download and re-upload them. The file manager is good for uploading and downloading single files, but often fails to download multiple at a time. It is best to use an FTP client to upload and download files in bulk.

Edit Settings

Here, you can change the password for this service's CPanel account, FTP account, and MySQL databases, as well as deactivate your service.

Please note, that it takes 60 days for your service to be deactivated fully, you can still reactivate your hosting during this time.

Any connected domains / addon domains / subdomains will be locked to this service upon deactivation. Please remove them from the CPanel before deactivating if you wish to use them again on another service.


This allows you to upgrade the service to premium, where there are fewer limits.

CPanel Account Information

Here, you can view the username and password to your CPanel account, as well as additional information such as status, hosting plan, and your main domain.

FTP / MySQL / Nameservers

Here, you can view your information for your FTP account and MySQL databases, as well as nameservers. For organization purposes, we separated the information into tabs.

Connected domains

Here, you can view all of your subdomains, addon domains, alias domains, and free domains. You can also view them in the file manager to quickly edit or upload files.

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