Finding The Nameservers

Learn what nameservers are, how to find them, and how to apply them

What are nameservers?

Nameservers connect your domain to an IP address, allowing visitors to access your domain and view your website. Without them, your domain would not work

When should I use nameservers?

If you have a custom domain, you need to set up the nameservers to point to our servers. Otherwise, people wouldn't be able to access your website!

If you are using a free subdomain provided by us (for example,, then there is no need to set up nameservers, as we already did this

What nameservers do I use for Gilect

Our nameservers are the same for each hosting service. You can access them at the "Nameservers" tab in Gilect Central.

If you want to copy the nameservers directly from here, you can do so:



Where do I apply the nameservers?

The nameservers are to be applied at your domain registrar (the place where you purchased your domain from!)

You can copy them directly from Gilect Central and paste them into the domain registrar.

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